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We’re a campus ministry committed to following Jesus together by finding practical ways to love each other and our neighbors. We’re inspired by the first Christians described in Acts – believers who shared everything, took care of each other, and spread the gospel to everyone they met. God wants to transform our world, here and now, and we’re finding that when you truly love your neighbor as yourself, peace and justice become a reality. Isn't that what Jesus came to bring for everyone? Not sure about that? Come find out! Acts 2 at Duke welcomes anyone who is seeking a genuine purpose for their life.

Acts2 at Duke is an initiative of the Bruderhof – an international fellowship of families and singles in the Anabaptist tradition, practicing radical discipleship in the spirit of the first church in Jerusalem.


What We Do

Come spend time with us. We invite students, faculty, and staff to fellowship with us, both on campus and at our community house. We have great conversations and study the Bible, but we also cook and eat together, sing and pray together, and are always up for a game or hike. You can join with us in service projects in the neighborhood as well. Whatever we do, our goal is to discover Christ and what his love means today.



Getting Together

On Campus.  We’re on campus every day to connect with students and catch up on what’s happening.  Our aim is to encourage and support you in the day-to-day of life on and off campus because we believe that if we’re following Jesus we’ll look out for each other.

Off Campus. Our campus ministry is based at Durham House, located on 821 Clarendon Street – half a block from East Campus. Stop by and join us for Bible study, a meal, prayer, encouragement or fun; or to help plan our next service project.  We believe following Christ is about sharing life together.

Retreat.  Sometimes we’ll take day trips out into nature or go on weekend retreats, taking time to listen to what God is saying to us. We believe following Christ is about experiencing God and doing his will.

What We’re About

Discipleship. Because Christ transforms us not just when we hear his word but when we do what he says in our daily lives. Not easy, but vital.

Community.  Because we experience Christ’s great love not just by ourselves but in our care for and commitment to each other. You can’t do it alone.

Trust. Because relationships that count are built through openness and honesty.

Witness. Because we love Christ, we proclaim him not just in words but by serving those around us.       

Peace.  Because we honor Christ not just through worship but also by being ambassadors of his peace and reconciliation.  Everyone needs that.

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Upcoming Events

Join Us Every Saturday for a Home-Cooked meal and Fellowship!  See Regular Events for details...


Regular Events

Every Monday

Peace & Painting

6:30 pm  |  Rm 0044
Bryan Center Greenhouse

Give your heart a chance to breathe! Allow your mind to wonder. Release frustration, and experience peace by leaving it all on the paper.

An opportunity to relax and be creative without the pressure of performing!

Every Thursday

Soul Time

7:00 pm | 821 Clarendon St.

An evening of sharing and singing!

Experience community, joy, encouragement and support.

For anyone who wants to spend time together to learn about, or grow in relationship to Jesus.

Every Saturday

Fellowship Dinner!

6:00 pm  |  821 Clarendon St.

Experience the family atmosphere of home!

Join us for games, a tasty Home-Cooked meal, and fellowship in the evening,

Come, and bring your friends!


Please let us know if you plan to attend one of our events...

To get in touch, please complete the form below or email us at contact@acts2atduke.org

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